October, 2017



Dear Friend:

Today is the last day of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. At the WBF, we know that awareness is not enough. We are grateful to people like you who want more than awareness—who want to stop domestic violence in its tracks.

On any given day in Massachusetts nearly 2,000 people seek help from domestic violence assistance programs. Nearly half of those people need legal assistance. With your generous support, the WBF staff and volunteer attorneys work tirelessly to meet this need.

Please make a donation to the WBF today in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Your gift can make the difference in the life of a domestic violence survivor:

  • $25 can support our litigation fund which helps to offset court-related expenses for survivors of domestic violence
  • $75 can support a woman who is seeking a restraining order against an abuser
  • $150 can support language services enabling a non-English speaking client to communicate with her attorney
  • A gift of any amount will be put to use immediately to help a client in need

Meaningful Access to Justice


Access to justice for low-income clients requires more than the presence of counsel—it requires that our clients have the same resources available to them as any paying client. Perhaps the single most underappreciated resource is access to legal guidance in a language you can understand.

The WBF would like to thank companies like Biogen which are equipping WBF clients and volunteer attorneys with the tools they need to obtain meaningful access to justice. With Biogen’s support, the WBF is able to subscribe to a language translation service which provides access to more than 150 languages and dialects. This is a tremendous resource which we are using to assist our non-English speaking clients.

WBF volunteer attorney Jaime Winchenbach has been using language services to support Ameera, an Arabic speaking client who came to the WBF at a difficult time in her life. Ameera immigrated to the United States with her husband shortly after they married, leaving behind her family. Newly married, Ameera envisioned a happy life with her husband in the U.S.—a warm, happy home filled with children. But that dream of a loving home did not materialize. A few months after arriving in the U.S., Ameera learned that she had a serious health condition and could not have children. Immediately, her husband began to treat her differently. He began to physically abuse her and hurl vicious verbal abuse at her because she was unable to have children. His family, also living in the U.S., began to mistreat her as well. With no support system in the U.S., Ameera felt trapped. As the violence persisted, Ameera obtained a restraining order, but she needed the help of an attorney to evaluate her long-term options. She approached a domestic violence agency that was able to refer Ameera to the WBF because of our language capabilities.

With the support of Biogen and donors like you, the WBF can ensure meaningful access to justice for survivors of domestic violence from all walks of life.



Join our Panel of Pro Bono Volunteers

The Family Law Project for Domestic Violence Survivors leads in-depth trainings for pro-bono attorneys interested in assisting low-income survivors of domestic violence. Our next training is on Wednesday November 8, 2017.

For more information contact Kristy Nardone at


The Women's Bar Foundation is dedicated to ensuring access to justice for low-income women. We create a community committed to providing free legal assistance to low-income women and their families.

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