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Give a survivor of domestic abuse the gift of free legal aid—it will save her life.

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Please support the WBF this year by making a donation today. You will save lives like Erica’s.

“I’ve known for a long time this would end with him killing me,” Erica told her WBF attorney.

Erica left Marcus after an abusive six month relationship. Since then, she has spent years trying to escape him.

First, Erica moved to a new apartment while Marcus was in jail for gang related activity. As soon as he was released, he tracked down Erica and tried to light her apartment on fire, dousing it in kerosene. Later, he returned and kicked her door down and threatened her with a knife. Marcus was arrested again.

When Marcus was released, he sent his brother to threaten Erica, saying “Marcus is coming.” Erica fled that very day. She moved to a domestic violence shelter more than 8 hours away. Still, she was not free from Marcus. She continued to receive harassing phone calls and emails.

Erica needed a restraining order. She went to court twice, alone, to petition for a restraining order, but she was denied.

She found the WBF and was given an attorney. Her attorney accompanied her to court and proved that a restraining order was necessary.

Erica now has the protection of a restraining order, and remains safe in an undisclosed location.

Every day hundreds of women like Erica face a daunting, complicated legal system alone. Please help provide women like Erica with the legal assistance they need to end the cycle of domestic violence and rebuild their lives. Your donation will save lives.

With gratitude,

Patricia Comfort
Executive Director




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