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Women's Bar Association Applauds Governor Maura Healey's Recent Pardon Recommendations


The Women’s Bar Association celebrates Governor Maura Healey’s recommendation of seven pardons to the Governor’s Council for pardons, and we applaud her unwavering commitment to the rule of law and justice for all.  On Thursday, June 15, 2023, Governor Healey held a press conference announcing that she recommends seven individuals for pardons.  Governor Healey is taking a proactive stance towards justice within her first five months in office.  

In making this recommendation, Governor Healey stated: “We are taking the extraordinary step of recommending pardons just months into the start of our administration because justice can’t wait.” Governor Healey added, “These seven individuals have accepted responsibility for their crimes, which were often committed many years ago when they were young or suffering from challenging personal circumstances such as substance use disorder or abuse.”

The WBA applauds Governor Healey’s review of the clemency guidelines.  Many of those in prison include women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and others who have suffered violence or other victimization and pose no threat to society.  Incarceration is financially costly and hardly conducive to recovery from trauma. Prisons are also ill-equipped to care for those who are elderly, chronically ill, or suffering from dementia. We look forward to the Governor’s modernized approach to clemency which will return individuals to their communities and families when justice is not served by their sentences.


2023 Maura Healey PR Image