The WBA supports 1. An Act Relative to Determining the Best Interest of Children In Probate and Family Court (SD271/HD3432) which would provide judges guidance that is child friendly factors and 2. An Act Protecting Survivors of Rape and Their Children (SD1480/HD2895) which would prevent a court from providing any custody or visitation to a person who committed a crime of sexual assault, the result of which a child was conceived, or who committed certain domestic violence crimes unless the parent who was the victim of the crime consents and a court finds any such custody or visitation would be in the best interests of the child.  This would include cases where there has been a criminal conviction or cases in which there is no conviction but a court finds by clear and convincing evidence that the crime occurred.  A court may still order child support to be paid.

The WBA opposes Act Relative to Child-Centered Family law (Shared Parenting) (SD696/HD3032) which is not child-centered, imposes burdensome requirements on lower-income families, discourages parents from expressing valid concerns about the well-being of their children and may limit the ability of judges to craft parenting plans that work for each family.