The WBF’s Family Law Project Volunteer Opportunities 

*The WBF provides trainings, manuals, mentorship, and liability insurance for volunteer attorneys

209A Restraining Order Project: Represent clients seeking an order of protection from abuse. The volunteer attorney represents the client getting the temporary order extended for 1 year or renewed for multiple years. These cases generally take about 7 hours to prepare for new attorneys, and more experienced attorneys are typically prepared in less time. 

Family Law Limited Assistance: Represent clients seeking relief in one discreet portion of their case. The hearings are generally on motions for temporary orders or motions to modify temporary orders related to custody. Representation concludes at the end of the hearing and the volunteer has no further obligation to the client. 

Family Law Full Representation: Represent clients for the entirety of their case from the initial filing until judgement is entered. These cases can take 12 months to resolve with multiple hearings spread out over the course of the representation. 

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