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Statement of the Women's Bar Association in Response to Texas's and Kentucky's Rulings


The Women’s Bar Association is troubled by the news of individuals in Texas and Kentucky being forced to seek healthcare assistance in other jurisdictions because courts and legislatures are prohibiting these individuals from making their own healthcare decisions. The Texas laws and attendant Texas Supreme Court ruling have caused, and will continue to cause, physical and mental harm to women and pregnant people seeking to exercise the fundamental right to choose whether, when, and how to bear a child, free from government interference.

The Women’s Bar Association stands for a woman’s right to choose. We remain steadfast in our commitment to fight for reproductive justice. The WBA will continue to support laws in Massachusetts that ensure reproductive healthcare to every woman and pregnant person within the Commonwealth, whether they live here permanently or are visiting at a time of need. The WBA will continue to work with our coalition parties to provide necessary information and outreach on reproductive rights to residents of the Commonwealth, and provide testimony and advocate to continually strengthen these rights. Every individual should have the right to determine whether, when, and how to bear a child, free from government interference.

“The Texas Supreme Court decision in the Kate Cox case is chilling in many ways,” remarked Martha Coakley of Foley Hoag LLP and a member of the WBA Board of Directors. “We are lucky in Massachusetts to have a Governor, Attorney General, and Legislature as well as private law firms and the Women’s Bar Association and Foundation who are working together to provide access to necessary healthcare for its residents and others.”

Fighting for reproductive justice is more important than ever. We must continue to work together as a community to ensure these fundamental rights for all. Please, join the WBA in assisting us in this fight. Together we can make a difference in the Commonwealth, both for those who live here and those who come here in times of great need.